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      One of the first clear memories I have is listening to the radio and thinking that’s what I want to do. I want to play music. My first experience with playing music would come in middle school at good old Sarasota Middle School under Mr. Bernard Rightmyer. I was so eager to do anything at all with music so I sat in this room and watched all the people around me picking thier instruments. Then it came to me and I was asked what I wanted to play and I had absolutely no idea what to say. I wanted to play everything. All of it. Yes please! So, I just said i dont know and Mr. Rightmyer suggested the flute. I tried it and I could make it make noise so I said I’ll take it! I played flute all through middle school. I loved it! I loved that feeling you get when everyone comes together and it sounds awesome and you can even recognize the song you’re playing! It's incredible, there’s nothing that exists that can compare to that feeling. So now comes high school towards the end of my last year of middle school, I started feeling self conscious about playing the flute so even though I was headed straight for the Kiltie Band I dropped band all together. My real dream all along had been to play guitar anyway so I signed myself up for guitar class in 9th grade which required me to have a guitar, or at least that’s what I told my parents. So, I finally had a guitar but unfortunately guitar class was useless. The person teaching did not even play guitar so they were mostly teaching music theory and I already knew most of that, so a buddy of mine named Chris taught me the basic guitar chords and how to read tab. From there, I taught myself mostly by learning Dave Matthews songs and really any songs that I liked. Admittedly, it was mostly Dave Matthews. In my early 20's I started singing and writing my own songs and once I had a decent collection I started playing shows. First show I ever played in my whole life was Tattoofest in Tampa- thanks to my friend Jenny, who got me that gig. The second show I played was a benefit concert for Carlie Brucia's family. I played as often as I could and would mostly tag along on my friend’s band’s shows, which was always interesting being that all of them were heavy rock bands. Years go by and I write a handful of songs and so I asked a couple of friends, Nik and Brett if they would be interested in jamming with me, and thus Devil Made Microphones was born. We played as a 3 piece acoustic band for some time until Nik scored us a show opening for one of my favorite bands,Taproot!! So we plugged in and turned up and became a full fledged rock band. We played as a rock band for several years and we opened for many cool bands but one day it all just fizzled out. No matter how much I beg I can't seem to get the original 3 members back together again. I certainly couldn’t just stop playing shows so I decided to bulk up my list of covers so I could play by myself. And so here we are, I play as often as i can and still love it just as much.  

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